Psychic Phone Reading Specials -15 Minutes for Just $10

Here we have listed the most current and affordable psychic phone reading specials. Each reading is provided by vigorously tested a top rated psychic adviser. Don’t waste your time and money with amateurs, these psychic readers are from reputable and highly ranked websites and come with impeccable recommendations. Please have in mind that the offers posted are valid for new to the sites customers, if you already have an account with them your price per minute may vary.

Latest for 2018 Psychic Phone Reading Specials

Psychic phone reading special offer #1

ASKNOW – AskNow is one of the oldest and most popular websites. They only employ trusted and proven psychic readers. Each and every one of them is screened, scrutinized and tested for accuracy. Millions of people have got a reading from them and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can get pretty much any type of psychic readings: love and relationship, past lives, angel reading, career and money, dream analysis, astrology and more.

For new AskNow members they are offering pretty sweet phone reading specials:

15 minutes for $10

20 minutes for $20

30 minutes for $30

Plus 5 free minutes with selected psychics.

To visit AskNow, make a new account and take advantage of these great specials please click on the banner below or call toll free 1-888-685-1116. As they are a huge and popular service they are always open and no matter what time of the day or night you call there will be someone ready to help.


Psychic phone reading special #1


Psychic special #2

PsychicSource – This is another well established and trusted website with a ton of accurate psychic readers. Psychic Source offers readings in all niches and has an adviser for any need. From tarot cards and astrology to money and love advise, rest assured Psychic Source will have a psychic ready to help. They also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee which is pretty simple and straightforward : If you’re not happy with your last psychic reading, it’s free!

The current phone reading special they have is $1 per minute and depending on how long you’re planning to talk you can choose from 3 options:

10 minutes for $10

20 minutes for $20

30 minutes for $30

Plus 3 free minutes with any package.

To grab this offer and talk to a Psychic Source adviser click below or call toll free 1-855-479-5592 and use promo code 25006.

Psychic phone reading special #2

Phone reading special #3

Psiquicos – This is a psychic website for the Spanish speakers. Psiquicos is owned and operated by AskNow so you can rest assured of the quality and accuracy of their psychics. They offer the same great phone reading specials too – just $10 for full 15 minutes with a top rated psychic reader of your choice.

To visit Psiquicos and take advantage of the special offer just click below or call anytime toll free 1-888-935-4111.

psychic phone reading special #3

Must be 18 or older to call any of the psychic phone reading numbers posted here. For entertainment purposes only.