How to Become Psychic with Psychometry

How to Become Psychic with Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to obtain information simply by touching or holding an object. Although some people have naturally developed abilities, science has shown that some forms of psychic abilities can be learned. Psychometry is one of those abilities and meditation is a great tool for developing this skill. Combine these 2 with the ability to do tarot reading and you are all set.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Although people use different methods to develop psychic abilities, meditation is one way to help clear the mind and allow for higher states of consciousness. In order to try to receive information while holding an object, meditation is a great way to keep the mind free from random thoughts and allow information to come through relating to the object.

While trying this type of meditation, it’s important to trust in the process and keep an open mind. Try to think of psychic ability as merely an untapped extra sense. Also be sure to believe in yourself and that this goal can be achieved.

Psychic Meditation

Begin by starting a simple meditation to relax both the mind and body. Be sure to keep any thoughts out of the head as it needs to be clear and focused. When ready, hold an object you know nothing about in your hands and continue meditating, only now paying attention to anything that comes to mind.

Information might come in the form of images. Another way information is received is by thoughts. Yet, another way is in the form of emotions. While one object may bring about feelings of joy, another may cause sadness. As meditation allows for higher consciousness, go with the first thing that comes to mind or your gut feeling.


What’s great about this type of meditation and psychic development is that it’s easy to validate the information as soon as the meditation is over as long as the owner of the object is present. Don’t worry if not highly successful when beginning. This is an ability that needs to be developed.

Psychic Ability Testing

Many psychics meditate before giving readings. Meditating to help learn psychometry is just one of many uses of meditation in order to develop abilities. What makes this form particularly good is that a person is able to get quick validation unlike meditating to learn clairvoyance when oftentimes it takes awhile to find out if the information received is valid or not.┬áTesting for psychic abilities offers a way to see how developing one’s psychic abilities is coming along.

Psychometry is a way to help develop intuition and meditation is a wonderful way to develop this ability. By keeping the mind clear and open, readers can pick up information by holding objects.