Here we have some of the best websites to get an online tarot reading in U.S.A. for free or for a very modest cost. Each site has a stellar reputation, has been offering their services for many years and has dozens of advisers available at anytime. Make an account on one (or why not on all of them- it’s free! – so you can take advantage of their amazing deals they have right now) and get in touch with your new favorite tarot reader today.

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The old days when you had to psychically go to a tarot reader are over! Anyone with internet connection or a phone can get a quality tarot reading from a vigorously selected adviser in minutes. AskNow, Psiquicos and Psychic Source offer phone readings, live chat and webcam and Oranum as of right now has only webcam readings (have in mind that you do not need a webcam to use their site, you can just type your questions and watch and listen to the adviser). Every site on the list offers money back guarantee in the rare case that you are not fully satisfied with the medium or the tarot reading online.

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Types of online tarot reading offered:

On each of the sites you can get not just a tarot reading but pretty much anything. Once you’re at the website you fancy the most all you need to do is search for a minute for the medium you want to talk to and the reading you need. Every adviser has a clear bio with information on what they can do plus a short description of his or hers experience in that field. These are some, but definitely not all, types of readings you can expect to find on the website posted above:

  • Angel cards
  • Love and relationship
  • Career and work
  • Financial advise
  • Spiritual guiding
  • Chakra healing
  • Dream analysis
  • Family questions and issues
  • Spirit communication
  • Reiki
  • Runes
  • Clairvoyant
  • Crystal healing
  • Pendulum
  • I-ching
  • Astrology
  • Zodiac
  • Holistic healing
  • Gypsy cards
  • Angel communication
  • Crystal reading
  • Numerology
  • Birth chart interpretation
  • Pet psychics

How and why are these particular sites on the list?

We know that anything “psychic” and “tarot” related is very deeply personal. The worst thing that one can do is get in touch with a scammer (there are plenty!) and waste their time and money. So the websites we have listed are all trusted by many for at least 10 years and have a ton of positive reviews online. By all means this is not the full list of every available site, serviceĀ  or tarot reader out there on the internet. But we feel confident these 4 will be helpful for any kind of tarot reading or anything else you need. Plus each has a money back guarantee so you are covered! You can start with getting a free reading at Oranum (with the 9.99 free credits) and than check the other sites. There’s no need to limit your search to just one site – the adviser you will be the most comfortable and give you the best reading might be on any of them! It’s best to check each site, make an account (they are absolutely free) and spend some time getting to know the mediums and what they can do for you. Don’t be surprised if you see some families faces – many of the advisers are well known, have been on TV many times, some even have their own TV shows or are active on YouTube and Instagram.

We think we’ve assembled a good “roster” of tarot readings online websites in the U.S.A. and tarot readers and we hope you find the answers you are looking for!


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