Get an absolutely free online tarot reading LIVE on your cell phone or computer! Why settle for those computer generated readings where you “pick 6 cards” or whatever and a machine does the “reading”? They might be accurate to some extend but definitely not as accurate or personalized as a live reading from a human right in front of you. Plus when you join now you will get 9.99 absolutely free credits to test the service, no credit card or PayPal or anything else required, just a working email!


How does this work exactly?

When you click on the box thingy above you will be taken to . They are a premier medium and tarot card reader service which has been online for over 15 years with a ton of advisers available all the time. The thing that separates them from the rest and why we recommend them here is that the readings are done live, via the webcam of the mediums and you can see and hear them straight on your computer! You do NOT need to have a camera, you can just type your questions and the mediums will see them and answer live. Of course if you wish you can activate your camera at any time for but that is not necessary and completely up to you.

So to break it down this is all you need to do and get your free online reading:

  1. Click on the box above and get on oranum’s website
  2. Pick the medium you want to talk to
  3. Make an absolutely free account so you have full access to the site
  4. That’s about it! Nothing else is needed, talk live to the advisers and get your free online reading!

Wait a minute – how come it’s free?

Well, Oranum has been offering their service for many years in Europe and are one of the most trusted names there. But since they are relatively new to the USA they are offering free credits for all new users so they can expand their business here in America. There is no catch and no obligation to buy more credits later. Or, as some other sites do it, no need to buy a package first to get a free reading. Here it’s free by default.

OK, so it’s 9.99 free credits – how long can I talk with them?

This depends – each medium sets up their own price and they do vary – some are as low as 0.99 credits per minute ( this will get you 10 free minutes) but others can be as high as 3.99 /min. So it really depends who you decide to get the reading from. Naturally the better known and established psychics tent to change more but there are quite a few that are cheap and still very good.

What else can I do there on that site? Is tarot reading the only thing they offer?

Tarot reading is just one of the many things you can get on Oranum. They are pretty much a “full service” psychic site with advisers in almost any niche and topic you can think of. Love readings, family issues, dream analysis, angel cards, chakra, astrology, tarot and many many more are available for you pick from. The best part is course that it’s free, you get up to 10 minutes to talk to an adviser and in many cases this is plenty of time for a reading.

free tarot reading

So that’s about it guys, just click on the banner above and get your free reading! Don’t forget – this is 100% live, none of that premade, machine things. You will chat with a real person in real time and if you haven’t have an account before will get 9.99 free credits to test the service. There are no hidden fees and no obligation!

Disclosure: All users must be 18 years of age and older! The online readings service mentioned is not intended for minors. If you are not of the necessary age please leave our website now by closing the tab or via the back button. It is also important to note that like most sites on the internet the site you are on right now may contains links that can be considered affiliate. This means that if you click on them and make a purchase we will be awarded commission. But it is also important to notice that doing this in no way or shape will make the services that you buy cost you more!